Samuel STANFORD (sr)

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Baptised:   26 May 1803 - Little Massingham, Norfolk, UK   (OS map: TF793241)   (parish record)
Mother:   Elizabeth STANFORD (ne SMITH/SMYTH)
Father:  Samuel STANFORD (elder)


Married (1st):    29 September 1823 - St Lawrence's, Harpley, Norfolk, UK   (OS map: TF788260)  (parish record)
To:   Elizabeth CALLOR  (b: 1798; bur: 27/4/1830)

 No children from this marriage


Norfolk Summer Assizes 1829 - Larceny - Not Guilty
Acquittal verdict in Bury & Norwich Post, 19 August 1829


Married (2nd):    24 December 1830 - St Mary's, Anmer, Norfolk, UK   (OS map: TF737295)  (parish record)
To:   Elizabeth HALL

Children (born in England):
Samuel STAN(D)FORD jr   (bap: 26/6/1831)
William Hall STANFORD   (bap: 30/12/1832)
Elizabeth (Eliza) STANFORD  (bap: 07/12/1834)
Charles STANFORD  (bap: 27/11/1836) (born after Samuel convicted)


Samuel sr convicted of stealing an ass - Stamford Mercury, 28 October 1836
(sentenced to 7 years' transportation)


Transported:  aged 34, on the "Susan
from Portsmouth, departed 5 August 1837
arrived Hobart, Tasmania, on 21 November 1837


Died:    9 March 1846 - Launceston. Tasmania, Australia  (burial record)
Aged:  43 years
Buried:  most likely in the Cypress St Cemetery, Launceston

In 1823, the Anglican cemetery was started at Cypress Street, 
but surviving burial records for this cemetery only exist from 1851. 
Nevertheless, we are 99% certain that he would have been buried there. 
[The Convict Cemetery at Rose Lane  (GPS: -41.4598, 147.1451)  was started in 1846 
but if he had finished his sentence and was not in gaol when he died, 
Samuel should not have been buried there.

Because his burial/death is recorded in the Anglican Church, 
he was most likely not Catholic nor Presbyterian 
(there were cemeteries for both of these denominations operating in 1846). 

The Cypress Street Cemetery closed for most purposes in 1906, 
was demolished and cleared in the 1950s, 
and converted to a sports ground, Broadlands Park (GPS: -41.4313, 147.1567)
the playing fields being for the primary section of Launceston Church Grammar School.

However, almost all of the estimated 30,000 bodies are still interred there. 

Most graves in the Cypress Street Cemetery did not have tombstones. 
Only a few of the then-existing tombstones were removed to Carr Villa, 
but only if the families had made the arrangements. 
Otherwise, the few remaining headstones were broken up and used for various purposes 
- stonework in gardens etc, rubble and fill, etc  
with one group of remnants being made into a memorial cairn (GPS: -41.4326, 147.1490) 
which sits at Broadland House in Lyttleton Street, Launceston.





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