HYNDMAN family

on the "Marlborough"


sailed from Greenock, Scotland, on 23 October 1879,
arrived at Port Chlamers, NZ, on 7 January 1880


Assisted Emigration to     NEW ZEALAND by the Ship

Number of Adults  Surname  First name(s) Adults


County Occupation   Payable by Individuals
HYNDMAN  William 36 Husband Derry Laborer  8 7s 6d Paid in the colony
HYNDMAN Margaret 36 Wife
HYNDMAN Mary 16 Daughter
HYNDMAN William  14 Son
HYNDMAN Margaret 11 Daughter
HYNDMAN Annie 9 Daughter
HYNDMAN Ellen 7 Daughter
HYNDMAN Eliza 7 Daughter
HYNDMAN Matthew * 4 Son
4 HYNDMAN Thomas 1 Son


*  Matthew (aged 4) died at sea, of acute brochitis, 
just 3 days out from Port Chalmers on 4 January 1880
 (the newspapers had the wrong name - Mary)