Donald BANKS

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Born:   20 June 1840  - Rigifa' (ref: ND304726), Caithness, Scotland  (cert)
Mother:   Christina BANKS  (ne BANKS)
Father:   John BANKS

Note:  a second Donald Banks (son of Donald & Catherine) 
was also born in Canisaby in 1840
but he died aged 21 on 19 April 1862 in Canisbay.


Emigrated:   on the clipper "Sebastopol", 
sailed from Gravesend, London, UK, on 17 January 1863
then from Deal, Kent, UK, on 27 January 1863
arrived at Lyttelton, NZ, on 21 May 1863


Married:    4 October 1864  -  Rangiora, Canterbury, NZ  (cert)
To:   Elizabeth/Eliza GARDNER

Euphemey/Euphemia BANKS
Christina BANKS


Died:    ??? 1881-1882  -  ????? not yet traced in any country
Aged:  41