Elizabeth ALEXANDER (ne LOW)

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Baptised:   19 September 1822  -  Mukletullo/Meikle Tullo, Angus, Scotland    (OS map: NO577726) (cert)
Mother:   Janet LOW  (ne JOLLY)
Father:   John LOW


Scottish Census:
1841 - not found  (possibly living at Meikle Tullo ?)


Married:    3 December 1847  -  Edzell, Angus, Scotland   (OS map: NO602687) (cert)
To:   Richard ALEXANDER (sr)

Elisabeth ALEXANDER (jr)  (b: 1851-52)
Jessie ALEXANDER (jr)  (b: 1854-55)
Richard ALEXANDER (jr)  (b: 3/3/1856)
Jean/Jeannie/Jane ALEXANDER (b: 10/11/1857)
Margaret Low ALEXANDER  (b: 11/7/1859)
Betsy Low ALEXANDER  (b: 9/9/1860)
John Low ALEXANDER  (b: 13/4/1862)
Mary ALEXANDER  (b: 2/3/1864)
Elizabeth Gray ALEXANDER  (b: 1/2/1867)


Scottish Census:
1851 at Cowiehill, Angus   (OS map: NO575719)
1861 at Cowiehill, Angus   (OS map: NO575719)
1871 at Cowiehill, Angus   (OS map: NO575719)
1881 at Mill of Balrownie, Angus    (OS map: NO573637)
1891 at Mill of Balrownie, Angus    (OS map: NO573637)
1901 at 22 Latch Road, Brechin, Angus    (OS map: NO594606)
1911 at Gladstone Place, Brechin, Angus    (OS map: NO594606)


Died:    26 October 1911  -  Falkirk , Stirling, Scotland   (OS map: NS884796) (cert)
Buried:  27 October 1911 - Edzell Churchyard, Angus, Scotland  (OS map: NO582687)
Aged:  89 years