Lake Luna Trip - 1931

Saturday, 26th Dec.
Party consisting of Lindsay McCurdy, Mont McCurdy, Murray and myself left Queenstown about 6 am for Arthurs Point, and then took the track to Moonlight, getting there about 9 am. From there the track led down past the old workings to where the chair crosses the Moonlight on the track to Skippers which we took last Christmas at this time. We did not cross the Moonlight, however, but continued up the valley on the left of the River, and soon we had to climb up a big hill to miss a gorge through which the river ran. When we had descended again to the river, we had to cross and re-cross it several times until we reached the One-ton Hut at 1 pm. Here we stopped for dinner for an hour. Then we continued up the Moonlight Valley to where the outlet of Lake Luna joins the Moonlight, and we followed this creek up until we reached Lake Luna about 5 pm. There is a great hut there, very warm and comfortable.

Sunday, 27th Dec.
We left the hut early and climbed up a high saddle behind the hut. From this saddle Lake Wakatipu can be seen. From here we could not find the track so we descended through the bush down to Simpsons Creek. This creek we followed down along its bed until we came to a big waterfall, where we struck the track to Mt Crichton Station. By this time it was raining hard, and we got pretty wet. On arriving at the station, we were presented with morning tea, and I was greatly tempted to take some excellent cooking chocolate biscuits on the table, but did not because the others didn’t. Then we set off in the rain down the lakeside track. When we arrived at Bob’s Cove, we discovered some biscuits belonging to the launch-owners. They didn’t belong to them for very long. We had dinner at Oxenbridge’s 9-mile mine (it was deserted), and then continued on our weary way, reaching Q’town about 7:30 pm. A good 2 days’ trip.



extracted from Lindsay Stewart’s Diary (aged 14 yrs 10 mths in Dec 1931)