Skippers Trip - 1930

Monday, 29th Dec.

Party consisting of Jack Armour, Mont & Lindsay McCurdy, and myself left Queenstown for Arthur’s Point in Mr Armour’s car at 9.30 am. It was my first long trip. We took the track for Moonlight, arriving there at 11:45 am. Mr Ziffer as usual was very kind to us. We left Moonlight at 1:30 pm and went down past the old workings to the Moonlight river, which we crossed in a rickety old chair. Then the track rose up the hillside on the right of the river, going up Stewart’s Creek. After leaving the hut at the head of this creek, we made our way over Jones’s Saddle and down to a creek away down below the saddle. After following this creek for some time we struck a water-race, which brought us out high up on the banks of Stoney Creek, a big creek which runs into the Shotover. The water-race seemed miles long, but we eventually reached the end, at the junction of Stoney Creek with the Shotover. There we crossed the creek on a bridge which was so old and rickety that it was boarded up to prevent anyone crossing. We got across, and then made our way up to Skippers, which was not far distant, reaching Smith’s Hotel at 8 pm. The day was exceedingly hot and tiring, and we were very grateful when the Smiths gave us a house to sleep in. They also gave us a lot of home-made beer, which I thought was rotten, but Jack Armour liked it very much.

Tuesday, 30th Dec.

Left Skippers at 6 am for Macetown. After crossing the Shotover, we followed the river up by a road which ran along the right bank. After reaching the second stream flowing into the river, we followed this stream up and climbed over the range behind it, and down the other side, where we struck the bridal track leading to Macetown, which we reached at 5 pm. That night was very cold, and Lindsay and I slept in an old house. The day had been very hot.

Wednesday, 31st Dec.

Left Macetown at 9.30 am for Arrowtown. The day was very hot today also. We made good time down the Arrow gorge, reaching Arrowtown at 1 pm. We were taken home to Queenstown by Mr Armour who came for us in his car. Three marvellous days !



extracted from Lindsay Stewart’s Diary (aged 13 yrs 10 mths in Dec 1930)